Sierras circulares de mesa

Sierras circulares de mesa
Table saw TKS 315 Pro are universally applicable for completion of the interior, the furniture construction or used as circular saw on construction sites.

– largely dimensioned machine table made of steel, serially galvanized against corrosion
– serial with ball bearing carriage and limit stop for miter stop (adjustable from -45° to +45°)
– the serial cable elongation can also be mounted at the right as a table broadening
– saw blade turning from 0-45°, precise, exact to degree and easily adjustable over the handwheel and scale
– the saw blade height adjustment is also performed over handwheel at the user front
– large aluminium parallel stop with excenter quick gripping
– high-performance industrial motor with brake appropriate for continuous operation
– thanks to the high-performance motor you can also easily work hard wood
– incl. saw blade hood with integrated suck off connection
– large central suck off connection Ø 100 mm
– incl. HM saw blade Ø 315 mm / 36 Z
– easy movable due to serial rollers and foldaway transport handles
– lockable switch plug combination
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